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How do people looking for what you have find you on the Internet.

Were going to try to give you a little  bit of everything to help you get found by more people looking for what your posting.

Do you have blog with nobody seeing it.

Do you have a website with no traffic.

What could you do differently  is it going to be more than you can handle.

This site is here to help with the above.

We Are going to have some fun along the way if you want to be part of it

#1 Just go here

and use the form to get added to our member only  list for Google Author RANK

#2 Go join this community

Google+ Experiments

That’s it your in.

Now on to better things  looking outside the box when building your website fixing your website so to be found for your keyword searches

Google, Bing. Yahoo. AOL well to many here to list massive list is here

Most of which still have One Main thing they rely on KEYWORDS KEYWORDS KEYWORDS!!!!!!!!!!! 

Google Author Rank is  going to create a new page here

That will show all the things that are needed to happen to up your Page ranking in Google and other search engines Our focus is on Google being the biggest, get found on page one here and your doing great. Trust.

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Google Author Rank Search Rank